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Christian sites - deception warnings, forum, prophecy

True Christianity

  • Suppressed truths you must know which are not taught at church.
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  • Sharing this could mean revival with joy and hope.
  • True Christian doctrine (proofed and documented).
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    Main Content and Doctrine
    Christian salvation Brief Summary. Recommended To Read First
    Great Solutions Unlike seen Elsewhere!
    Answers on Why the Existing System Fails

    money to help poor and needy Proof of why using your time & money for God's will is best for you.
    How to Discern True Christianity from False Doctrine. How to Discern True Christianity from False Doctrine.
    prophecy Bible Prophecies. Detailed summary.
    How These True Christian Sites Originated How These True Christian Sites Originated
    Practical solutions and ways to determine if people are led by God Practical solutions and ways to determine if people are led by God
    The Aims and Does Prayer Work The Aims and Does Prayer Work
    How to Win the Lost How to Win the Lost

    Public Comments
    Christian philosophy forum Christian forum with challenging questions & answers. You can help people turn to God.
    Testimonials Testimonials about this site.
    Debates Debates about this site.

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    Christian papers Short articles, letters to the editor and press releases for your media or local newspaper.

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    Christian papers Most of this information is printed in free booklets that can be posted to you or you can print it yourself.

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